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Le Ptit Mag Office Market Supply is a blog created to help you in your purchases.

We provide you with shopping guides, tips and tricks. They are carefully written with the participation of our experts and technicians according to the field.

The major predilection of Office Market Supply is obviously to facilitate you as much as possible in your purchasing processes. Sitting comfortably in your office, you weigh up the pros and cons before committing to buy.

Yes, it is true that by logging on the Office Market Supply platform you will have the comparison of brands and prices of the moment, you will even have the descriptions and characteristics of the product you need… But, this is not always enough! For example, choosing your shipping envelope can be more difficult than it seems. Apart from the format and size, when choosing an envelope, it is important to know a couple of things like the types of mailings (commercial, administrative, ready-to-post…), the proper closing method, the types of addressing windows, the standards and labels for such and such a country, etc.

Here is a buying guide full of good tips and tricks to help you choose your products, Le Ptit Mag Office Market Supply.

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